Rules of The Last Battle

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Rules of The Last Battle

Post  Cobon Natcher on Thu Dec 04, 2008 9:29 am

Rules on The Last Battle

About The Last Battle

The War of the Power is a Wheel of Time Community where Battle between Good and evil is still going on. Our mission is to make one big and healthy Wheel of Time Community and Battle Site with WoT Duels where you can interact with other members, not only in learning and growing in the Wheel of Time knowledge but in to meet the people from all of the World and learn something about other nations, other cultures, other people interests and to learn something more about history, geography, science and arts and much more!


There are three (3) levels of Membership here on The Last Battle. Once you are fully registered Member of the Site, you are recognized among other Members of the site as a Member. When you join one of ten (10) Factions you'll gain lowest Rank of that Faction and you'll advance from Rank of Member.


You have to be at least thirteen (13) years old so you could join our Community. Also you have to validate your e-mail address. If you don't recive one, feel free to contact someone of our Administrators to validate you. Also you can't have multiple accounts, and if you have and Administration find out about that, you'll be permanently banned from The Last Battle.


All names should be like they are from Wheel of Time Books. Please, don't use already existing names from the Books, we don't have copyright for them and we are all here to show our creativity. In your name you couldn't have any Title except you didn't earned it. Titles from other Sites doesn't count here, so you can't use them ether.


All Avatars must be 170x110 pixels. They have to human or humanoid and have to have a face on the picture. Animation Avatars of any kind and Avatars which are in use by other Members are not allowed. Also be sure that you have a permission from Artist who made your Avatar for use. We are not responsible if your Avatar is removed on that matter.


All Signatures must be 400x200 pixels. We request that you not have moving Signatures as they take a while to load for dial-up users. Text Signatures may equal 10 lines without an actual picture Signature or 5 lines accompanying a picture Signature. Moving smiles and small moving buttons are allowed. Remember this Site allows minors so keep the nudity to a minimum as well.


Each Member of the Site has to follow the Rules of the Site and Rules of Factions they are Members of.
* If a Member without Faction is violating the Rules he will be punished by Membership Director.
* If a Member of a Faction is violating the Rules of the Site he/she will be also punished by Membership Director.

Leaves of Absence

If member can't be online for some period of time he is expected to post a LoA in the Announcement Forum of your Faction if you are Member of any, if not be sure to post it in Announcement Forum of the whole Site. The member has to tell the reason why he can't be online and the reason of his/her Absence. If the member don't post a LoA will be considered as breaking of the Constitution Rules.

Factions on The Last Battle

There are two Sides on The Last Battle. Those who are dedicated to the Light and those who pledged their souls to the Great Lord of the Dark.

* Factions under the Banner of the Light are:
1. White Tower (restricted to female Members only)
2. The Barracks
3. Rhuidean
4. Steddings

* Factions under the command of the Great Lord of the Dark are:
1. Shayol Ghul
3. The Three-Fold Land
4. Blight


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