Rules and Regulations for the White Tower

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Rules and Regulations for the White Tower

Post  Sayerin Assnobahr on Sat Dec 06, 2008 4:45 pm

Purpose of the White Tower

Our White Tower will be a strict follower of the books written by Robert Jordan, our most honored and beloved Dragon (may he rest in peace and ride on the wings of the Light forever), that’s why we will stick to the Ajah structure and organization he has represented in the WoT series.

Discipline and Behavior

We expect our members to behave respectfully to each other, show tolerance and understanding to everyone in the Tower and in the Site.
We will not tolerate:

- Purposeful abusive behaviour
- Harassment of any kind
- Vulgar or mocking language
- Actions against the Rules and Constitution

Infractions and Punishments.
1st offence: On your first punishment you will be sent to the Keeper (for SMs) or MoN (for Novices and Accepted).
2nd offence: On your second offence you will be sent to the Amyrlin. She will choose a punishment.
3rd offence: You will be dealt with by the Site Leaders Council and you can be banned from the Site.

Ranks and Raising Requirements

* Ranks
There are three Ranks in White Tower:
Novice, Accepted and Aes Sedai. When you reach the Rank of Aes Sedai you can choose one of the 7 Ajahs and join them after you apply by pm–ing the Ajah Head. No Accepted should show ajah affiliation until raised to Aes Sedai

You can already see the White Tower, which means you are one of our Novices. You should be at least 13 years of age to join the Novice rank of the Tower. You need to pm the MoN or your Mentor that you have the consent of your parents to be part of the site. You will be appointed a Mentor in due time. Just bear with us. Make sure you follow therules, be polite to SMs and use the necessary honorifics. If an Aes Sedai commands you run to do what she says. Accepted are in no position to give punishments, but if they observe bad behavior, you should go report yourself at the MoN's office no matter if she decides there's no offence. Just be sure you follow the MoNs regulations Very Happy

* Raising Requirements
From Novice to Accepted:
All members of this group should have been an active member for at least one (1) month and fulfilled all Requirements before they can apply for Raising to Accepted. To be raised to Accepted Novices should:
- do 1 essay or project for the Library
- have recommendation from their Mentor that they are ready for raising
- PM the MoN or the Keeper explaining why they think they should be raised to the
next Rank
- should have read at least half of the WoT books published

From Accepted to Aes Sedai:
All members who would like to be raised to Aes Sedai should have been active members for at least two (2) months before they can apply for Raising to Aes Sedai
Requirements :
- teach one class or finish two more classes
- do 2 essays or another project or any other contribution to the library or site as a
- have a recommendation from your Mentor for raising plus one more Senior Member
- pm the Keeper why they would like to be raised to Aes Sedai and if they feel ready
for senior membership
-should have read all WoT books available.

Leaves of Absence

If a member can't be online for some period of time they are expected to post a LoA in the Announcements Forum. You should mention the reason for your absence. If you don’t post a LoA, this would mean you are inactive and we will have to remove your account.

Admins of the White Tower are:
1. Amyrlin Seat:
- In charge of the White Tower and monitoring if everything goes the right way
- Has final word in everything
- Rules the Hall of the Tower
- administers all raising and other procedures in the Tower
- has a final word in everything
2. Keeper of the Chronicles:
- second in charge
- mas final word in all matters when the Amyrlin Seat isn't around
- maintains the documentation of the Tower
- communicates with all Ajahs and expects from the Heads to report regularly3.
3. Mistress of Novices
- is responsible for the Novices and Accepted until they are raised to Aes Sedai level
- should report regularly to the Keeper and inspect the behaviour of the JMs and moderate the JMs forums
- should appoint Mentors to the Novices and monitor if they go well together
- should give the necessary punishments if such are necessary

4. Aes Sedai:

Our White Tower has 7 Ajahs:
Blue – responsible for entertainment and good atmosphere in the site
Brown – knowledge
Gray - Negotiation
Green – Battle leaders against the Dark Lord
Red – responsible for good behavior and watching over men-channelers and Shadowspawn
Yellow – help and advice
White – logic and research

Every Ajah will have a Head of Ajah. The Head will report directly to the Keeper. They will moderate their Ajah forums and take care of the documentation. An Ajah will have a Sitter when there are 3 members. Before that time, the Head will represent the Ajah in the Hall of the Tower. Sitters will hold their position for 6 months after which time another Sitter will be elected. The new Hall will take their duty in January and July. They will have a vote for Raisings and other questions put in front of the Hall. The Hall will consist of The Amyrlin Seat, the Keeper of the Chronicles, the MoN and a Sitter from every Ajah.
The process of choosing a Sitter will be the following: the ones that would like to serve as Sitters will send an Application to the Head of Ajah. She will then present the Applications to the Admins with personal notes on the applicants. The Admins will go through the Applications and decide who will best serve the Hall. After that the Keeper announces the choosen candidates in this forum.


Members who have reached the rank of full Aes Sedai and have chosen a bondmate, should pm the Amyrlin about this and when she decides that the parts are really devoted and ready to be bonded, they’ll be summoned in her office for the bonding procedure.

Who can bond whom:
All Aes Sedai can bond one Warder, chosen from the Tower Guard group.
Green Aes Sedai can bond two Warders.
Red Aes Sedai will not have Warders.
If it happens that a bond is dissolved, again the 2 parts will petition the Amyrlin for their desire to dissolve the bond.

Welcome to our Tower, ladies! Have the best of time here!
Please, read and respond!

Sayerin Sedai
Watcher of the Seals
Flame of Tar Valon
The Amyrlin Seat

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Re: Rules and Regulations for the White Tower

Post  Narienne Arrel on Sat Dec 06, 2008 5:29 pm

R&U Very Happy
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