Our Dark Essays

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Our Dark Essays

Post  Cobon Natcher on Fri Dec 05, 2008 5:22 am

Well, here is our little Dark Library for our horror essays.. Very Happy Yeah, I know that we are all lazy to write them, but don't forget that we are evil guys so your essays should be written in that tone.. Wink That can be quite fun! Imagine a Title of your Essay "How to cook Aes Sedai?!" Oh, sorry, that is for Trollocks and we don't have any around! :P Well, you got the point! Wink Anyway, you need them for your Raising Requirements! Smile You can ask here in this Forum on THIS Topic for one to be assigned or just to post your Topic you'll do! Even SM's are most welcome to write any, if they want of course! Very Happy

Cobon Natcher
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