Semirhage as a Yellow Aes Sedai , by Rhiannon

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Semirhage as a Yellow Aes Sedai , by Rhiannon Empty Semirhage as a Yellow Aes Sedai , by Rhiannon

Post  Narienne Arrel on Mon Jan 19, 2009 4:51 pm

Semirhage, or Nemene Damendar Boann- as she was known during her days as a Yellow Aes Sedai, was a wonderful member of the Ajah. She was excellent at healing- she Healed many that were out of the reach of almost all other Aes Sedai. There was a downside to Nemene’s Healing though. While she Healed them- and in some cases gave the person their life she caused them a great deal of pain. Althought not many complained as they thought it was a small price to pain for still being alive.

To Nemene’s advantage the Hall of Servants didn’t know what she was doing. But when they found out Nemene was given two options- Be bound to the One Power against doing violence or be severed from the True Source. As we all know she chose a third, swearing to the Dark One at Shayol Ghul.
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