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Before Lillen Morial went over to the shadow she was an advisor for investments, but she was almost “evil” at heart. It was recorded that she had been cautioned and disciplined for voiding the ethics and laws entailing her job. She was also described as a natural-born Skuller and “an out-and-out coward who scoffed at those who took open risks, but at the same time envied their achievements and hated them because she was sure they despised her for hanging back” (BWB). This would explain where in the later days she got the name Spider.

But she soon had gone to the shadow. Moghedien had gone to the shadow long before the War of Power but she kept her alliance secret till the battle came and had been going for several years. While her alliance was kept secret Moghedien had acted as a spy and agent provocateur as she was a medium-level position in Lews Therin’s command-and-staff structure. This had proved helpful for the dark side, as Moghedien had been able to cause some major disasters. How Moghedien revealed her alliance in unknown but she had barely escaped capture. She did this by using a diversion that had involved a lot of deaths.

Moghedien’s greatest asset was her ability in the Tel’aran’rhoi, or the World of Dreams. Moghedien could even surpass Lanfear’s skill in Tel’aran’rhoi. But she would never dare to confront or challenger Lanfear in the world of flesh, as Lanfear was superior to her.

After escaping the Bore, Moghedien had masqueraded as a servant in Tanchico and Amador. But before she got too far, Moghedien was captured by Nynaeve and held prisoner. She was freed by Aran’gar- another forsaken and is believe to be at large.
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