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Post  Ivien on Tue Dec 09, 2008 3:09 pm

Hello all! Welcome to Blue Ajah!
I would like to ask all our lovely Blue Aes Sedai to introduce them selves to our guests. Thank You!

I will start for the beginning!

My name is Evanna and I'm 16 years old. I live in capital of Serbia, Belgrade. I have two younger sisters who usually annoy me. <_< But what can I do. I also have a dog Lora, parrot Djura, turtle Lusi and 7 fishes...Yes a lot of pets.
I go to 3rd year of Philological High School in Belgrade. I love languages! I can speak Serbian, English and Croatian with no problems and I learn Ancient Greek, Latin and Italian. In my elementary school I studied French but I had terrible teacher so I know almost nothing,but I can understand it a bit. I would also like to learn Swedish...I don't know why..:look
I love to chat, meet new people, hang out and such... I can talk a lot...especially late at night :look...and I like staying up late when I can...I also love all kind of skating, on ice or ground no matter...I'm double Capricorn in don't mess with me :p...kidding..:p
I also love working in photoshop so if you want sig or such....please tell me Wink
I love listening to music and I listen to rock mostly...I started listening to metal lately....I can stand all music except Serbian and gothic and heavy metal Wink
I'm vary tolerant so you don't have to worry a lot Wink
That is all I can remember atm.If you have any questions please don't post them here. Ask here or send me PM.
You can also contact me on:
facebook: Ivana Maksimovic

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