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Corlm , by Rhiannon Empty Corlm , by Rhiannon

Post  Narienne Arrel on Mon Jan 19, 2009 4:55 pm

Weighing in at about 300 pounds when mature this flightless bird can average up to eight feet tall, and is covered with striped or mottled hair extending to even the tail flatting it out for stability when running. This long necked animal has two ears on the top of it’s head resembling a double crest. To help with running the Corlm has twp four-toed hind feet with small claws. Its front paws are held up close to it’s body, and are really only used in nest building and feeding. Like most birds the Corlm is equipped with a beak, it appears oversized and is hooked like the beak of a bird of prey, the Corlm uses it’s beak for killing as it is a carnivore. The eyes of this creature are set on the side of it’s head (one on each side).

Corlm’s have very good hearing and smell- this helps make them an efficient predator, and unmatched as a tracker. With speed, a Corlm can outrun a man in short sprints, but is matched over long distances. As Corlm are used for riding, they respond to voice commands, and whistles pitched above human hearing.

The Corlm is a very solitude animal- making them only used singly. They one tolerate each other well during mating season. When a female lays eggs, she lays them one at a time and they do not often hatch.
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